The school hosted Odissi dance performance under the banner of SPICMACAY on December 29, 2016. The guest artist of the day was Padmashree Ileana Citaristi. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the guest artist and the headmistress, Ms Rimpy Verma. Ms Ileana Citaristi enthralled the students of class (P4-S4) with her mesmerizing footwork and facial expressions. It was an amazing experience for students as they learned the intricacies of this beautiful dance form ‘Odissi’. Her performance was punctuated with an explanation of the dance moves and mudras such as ‘Tribhangi’ where the body is held with three bends of head, torso & knees and ‘chauka’ a square like stance that symbolizes Lord Jagannath. The programme concluded with the question-answer session where the students asked the artist about her origin and her interests.

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