Adventure Camp

Laughter and excitement encompassed the school campus on Feb 15, 2017 as the school organized an adventure camp for the students of Nursery to P3 in association with the active and zealous facilitators of Rocksport. The students had a day full of thrill and adventure, where they not only got an opportunity to explore new horizons and learn new skills, but also got an exposure where they undertook plethora of activities such as Hippy Hop, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Zil Lining, Zorbing, Tug of War and many more. All these activities accentuated the need of being fit and active and at the same time the importance of building confidence, stamina and co-ordination. The zestful day ended with students going home with a handful of tricks up in their sleeves which they acquired from the puppet and magic show specially staged for them.

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