Best Out of Waste (P1 – P2)

‘Recycling transforms waste into useful things, which is like magic.’

The Modern School, ECNCR organized Best Out of Waste competition on August 30, 2017 for classes P1 and P2. The students created wonderful marvels by transforming old plastic bottles, CDs, tin cans, shoe boxes, ice cream sticks,etc into stationery organizers, diya holders, wall hangings, pencil stands, piggy banks and many other useful products.  They learnt the art of recycling by turning waste products into useful things. Results of the competition are as follows:

Position Name of the student Class House
I Roneeka Goyal P1 A Vindhyachal
I Bhavit Mittal P1 B Vindhyachal
I Tejasveer P1 C Himachal
I Gatik Chhatlani P1 D Himalaya
II Devina Uppal P1 A Himalaya
II Aarna Bhatia P1 A Vindhyachal
II Saksham Tushir P1 B Himachal
II Aadit Rana P1C Himalaya
II Nitya Khurana P1 C Vindhyachal
II Samaira Tushir P1 D Himalaya
II Samanyu Aggarwal P1 D Vindhyachal
III Liasha Ahuja P1 A Shiwalik
III Mrigank Arora P1 A Shiwalik
III Stavya Sardana P1 B Himachal
III Samyak Gadodia P1 B Shiwalik
III Aahana Kadyan P1 C Vindhyachal
III Kunwarveer Pratap Singh P1 C Vindhyachal
III Shaurya Garg P1 D Shiwalik
III Priyanshi P1 D Vindhyachal


Position Name of the student Class House
I Yuval Gupta P2 A Vindhyachal
I Reyansh Gupta P 2 B Vindhyachal
I Ayaan Jain P2 C Vindhyachal
I Shauryaveer Verma P2 D Himalaya
II Maanya Patawari P2 A Shiwalik
II Virat P2 B Shiwalik
II Ayushman Khurana P2 C Shiwalik
II Vandit Aggarwal P2 C Vindhyachal
II Jagrit Gupta P2 D Shiwalik
II Kashvi Aggarwal P2 D Shiwalik
III Pragun Sareen P2 A Himachal
III Aaradhya Khandelwal P2 B Himachal
III Anaya Ganda P2 C Himalaya
III Shivarth Dhingra P2 D Vindhyachal
IV Krishlay Bhardwaj P2 A Himalaya
IV Hunar Kukreja P2 B Himalaya
IV Reeya Kapoor P2 C Himachal
IV Viraj Bansal P2 D Himachal

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