Block Level Games

The Modern School, ECNCR, hosted Block Level Games for Under – 14 Cricket Tournaments and Under 11 to Under 19 Skating Tournaments on August 10 and 11, 2017. Twenty one schools participated in the tournament. The skaters of The Modern School stood first and the cricket team stood second in the tournaments.

Nine Skaters, seven cricketers and one athlete of the school in under 11, 14 and 17 category have been selected for District Level Games. The school takes pride in the achievements of the budding sport stars. Students who have been selected are as follows:


Category Skating Cricket Athlete
Under – 11 Sahejneet Kaur (P3), Kiara Tyagi (P3), Garv Singhla (P4), Samiksha Rathi (P3) - -
Under 14 Anshuman (S2), Ishaan Kodwani ( S1), Kanika Rathi (S2), Sharyana Choithramani (S2) Jesus Saroha (S3), Kushank Deewan (S3), Aavya Murarka (S3), Ojas Janghu (S3) -
Under 17 Kriti Kanodia (S4) Arnav Goel (S4), Aarsh Taneja (S4), Somein Sapra (S5) Anya Goel (S1)


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