BOOK WEEK 2017-18



To promote reading among students, let them delve into the world of literature and build a reader’s community, The Modern School, ECNCR celebrated ‘Book Week’ from May 4- 9.

The celebrations commenced with a special assembly that emphasized upon the importance of reading books and highlighted the achievements and experiences of the aficionados who are passionate about reading and literature. The students were found humming the song ‘Gotta keep Reading’ the entire day.

The day was graced by Mr. Ajit Narayan, a renowned cartoonist and educator who inaugurated the ‘Book Fair’ organized by Scholastics at the Receptional Hall with the Principal, Ms Abha Sadana and Headmistress Ms. Rimpy Verma. The cartoonist interacted with the students of classes P3-S5 and taught them various ways of drawing cartoons that make the stories more vivid and interesting for the readers.

Ms Shikha Sood, an illustrious story teller took a gripping and interesting story telling session with the students of classes Nursery-P2 on May 5, 2017.

‘My Dear Book and My Book Review’- creative writing contests were organized in the library for classes S1, S2 and S3 during the week. The write-ups spoke volumes about the students’ love for books and the genres they usually indulge in.

Book Mark Making Activity was done in classes P1-P3 during the week. The colourful bookmarks found space in the interesting books bought from the book fair by the students.

There was a painting contest ‘Joy of Reading’ organized for classes P4 and P5. The paintings reflected the inner joy and satisfaction the students experience on reading.

The students also prepared their wish lists that included all the books they wished to buy from the book stalls in the Book Fair. The enthusiastic and encouraging parent fraternity strived to fulfill their wishes during PTM. Many parents were found browsing through and buying books for themselves too.

The week culminated with an interactive session organized for the students of classes S1-S3 on May 8,2017 with the bloggers of ED Times, Juhi Garg and Sahib Singh. The students were made aware of the various strategies of writing articles and blogs. Some of the budding writers found wings and hope in the encouraging words of the bloggers.

‘A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.’

-          Neil Gaiman

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