(April 17th – April 22nd 2017)

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all”

-          Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Modern Early Years, Deepali celebrated the week (April 17- April 22) as Book Week for its students.

Every day of the week, the students participated and enjoyed the activities related to the week.

Monday 17th April:  The students coloured and decorated in Book jackets of their favourite story book. The class teachers shared the stories with the students as they diligently worked on the activity.

Tuesday 18th April: All the children learnt how to prepare a crafty paper folding Book Mark for their storybook. Once the book mark was ready, they thoroughly enjoyed decorating it.

Wednesday 19th April: Special “Story time” was organized in the campus. Some of the selected mothers got a unique opportunity to be part of storytelling. The mothers interacted with the students and shared their special story.

Thursday 20th April: It was “Puppet story time”. The puppet factory opened up and with the help of stick, glove and hand puppets. Each section of Nursery and K.G. were told a puppet story. After thoroughly enjoying the puppet story the kids unleashed their imagination in creating their own stick puppets.

Friday 21st April: The Book Week coincided with the celebrations of the “Earth Day”. In the morning assembly, students of K.G.- B presented a skit on how we can help to protect trees and keep own planet clean and green.

Saturday 22nd April: The Book Week ended on a very positive note. Ms. Neelam Narang from scholastic India addressed the parents on the topic “Creating Readers for Life”. The session was well attended by the parents who benefitted immensely and learnt how to become better “Story Tellers”.


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