world health day
World Health Day
April 8, 2018
Trip to Bharatpur
April 10, 2018

Adventure is worthwhile.

True to the above quote, The Modern School ECNCR organised an adventure camp at Jim Corbett National Park for the students of classes P4 & P5 from March 17 to 19, 2018. 40 students accompanied by 4 teachers had a great time. The 2 nights and 3 days camp was enriching, inspiring and intriguing for all.

Day one started off with the children being divided into 2 groups-Blue Battalions and White Tigers. The activities of the day were ‘Hangman’, a game of teamwork and coordination and ‘Pass the Bottle’ that emphasized on coordination and time management. They brought out the competitive spirit in them. Day one ended with a night trek under a star studded sky, which made the kids wonder and form their own constellations.

Day two began with a beautiful sunrise trek. The kids spotted a pug mark which got them excited to know more about tigers. The guide told them how one can differentiate between a male tiger and a female tiger by just looking at the pugmark. The kids studied about the tigers and made a pug mark of their own via POP. The next activity was body surfing. In this, the kids had to keep themselves afloat till the end point. A fun water activity that taught kids not to panic. Day two ended with bon fire and music for the kids along with prize distribution ceremony for those who did splendidly well in the activities.

Day three started with ‘Jungle Safari’ where the kids spotted a male elephant, sambhar deer, jackal and lots of langurs. Unfortunately their hopes to sight a tiger remained unfulfilled. After the Safari, it was time to head back. With a heavy heart and lots of memories, the kids said good bye to the instructors and the camp.

The students not only enjoyed but learnt the importance of team work, patience and preservation of wild life as the core essential values.

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