Christmas Celebrations at Modern Early Years Christmas was celebrated with a week full of activities. Monday 19th December – The children prepared hand crafted decorations for their class room and the school. Tuesday 20th December – They decorated the school while singing Christmas cards and practicing for the special assembly. Wednesday 21st December – A day packed with preparations for the Christmas celebration and specially crafted card for Mummy and Daddy and baking cookies with the baker which we decorated and packed to take home. Thursday 22nd December – Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa’s here and just see with such fanfare and fun. We all played games, sang carols and shared our Christmas joys with Principal Ma’am and Ms. Neelam Puri. All of us got a little treat from Santa to take home and share with our Parents! Friday 23rd December – We felt the peace, joy and serenity of the festival as we heard the story and baby Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. We learnt to share our joy with the ones we care for by distinguishing small tokens of appreciation with our aunties and care takers. Saturday 24th December – We want for a day long excursion to Shankar’s Doll Museum and enjoyed a lovely picnic in Nehru Park before retiring to school to sketch and draw our experiences which we shared with our friends! Merry Christmas – It’s Christmas Eve! img_0730 img_0728 img_0571 img_0553 img_0553