Department of Vocal Music

The Department of Vocal Music of Modern School aims to spread musical awareness among the students. It provides an exposure to the talented and upcoming singers of the school. The untapped musical potential of budding performers is developed by the Department.

Department of Dance

The Department of Dance of Modern School has its own heritage value. The students learn various Indian classical dance and western dance forms. The department works to hone the ability, skill and confidence of the students. Various seminars and interactions with great dance gurus and music maestros are arranged for the students for their better understanding of Indian classical dance and music.

Department of Instrumental Music

Students are encouraged to not only achieve mastery over technical skills, but to play soul-stirring music with passion, with an instrument which is self-expressive.

Department of Art

The objective of the Department is to teach students to interpret their thoughts and emotions, and learn to showcase them in realistic and fusion art, with the use of different techniques.

Department of Dramatics

The Department organizes all of the plays in every House Function, and is applauded for their efforts every time. They also help in the direction and presentation of the Annual Independence Day Function and the show keeps on improving in terms of content and performance each year.

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