Dussehra Celebration

The students of class KG of The Modern School, Kundli and Deepali branch presented ‘Bal Ramayana’ on Saturday October 8, 2016 to celebrate the festival of Dussehra.

Principal, Ms. Abha Sadana welcomed the parents to the school and requested them to encourage such learning opportunities at home as well.

Shreya Jain began the programme by presenting the Saar of the Ramayana and she was joined by her classmates for the presentation of the Roopak.

Our little ones were brimming with excitement for the celebrations, as they came dressed in their respective attires to the Kundli branch with their parents. From the birth of Lord Rama to the abduction of Sita, from the Vanar Sena fighting the monsters, to Lord Ravana’s monsterous laugh, the kids showcased it all with confidence.

Not only did the kids present an interesting and lively show, they also made eco-friendly pen stands depicting the colourful characters of Ramayana for their parents.

The parents were delighted to see their children perform well and were glad that they had learnt values which are the core of the Ramayana.


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