International Literacy Day
September 10, 2018
Visit to Religious Places
September 16, 2018

The Modern School, ECNCR organized an educational trip to ‘Traffic Training Park’ for the students of pre primary on Friday, September 14, 2018. The students were greeted by a traffic police personnel at the gate and a squeal of excitement shot through the group. Students were thrilled to see exhibits of helicopter, ambulance, fighter plane etc. They learnt about traffic rules and also had a practical experience of the same through various activities like walking on zebra crossing, following traffic signals, balancing on beam and many more.  Last but not the least, the students were asked few questions for recapitulation of the learning that took place during the trip , to which they promptly replied with alacrity. They were handed over brochures and safety rule booklets to be revised and discussed at home with the parents. It was a fruitful excursion that taught the essential lessons of life.

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