‘The ability to put and share ideas in today’s world is story telling’

The Modern School, ECNCR organized an Inter House English Story Telling Competition on July 19, 2017 for the students of classes P1 & P2. Students from all the four houses participated in the competition and performed very well.

All the participants were well prepared with very interesting and inspiring stories. They used various techniques of telling a story, to showcase their creativity. Innovative props were used to make the story seem more realistic impactful and effective. The audience seemed spell bound and fully engrossed, listening to some incredible tales.

There was a tie between Advay Khattar (Shiwalik House) and Advika Jhavar (Vindhyachal House) for the first position from class P1 whereas Lavit Gupta (Himachal House) stood second and Aarav Kapoor (Himalaya House) bagged the third positon.

From class P2, the first position was bagged and won by Ayaan Goyal (Shiwalik House), Yuvi Mehta (Himachal House) stood second and Vivan Jain (Himalaya House) and Kimayra Arora (Vindhyachal House) won third position.

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