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Rain Dance
September 25, 2017
Rally for Rivers
October 2, 2017
Post Box

The Modern School, ECNCR organized an educational excursion to the Post Office and FIMS Hospital for pre-primary students. The day commenced with the visit to the post office. At the venue, the children met the Post Master who explained the working of a post office. The students were particularly enamoured with the letter box in the post office.

They pasted the stamps on the post cards they had brought to post to their parents and dropped those in the letter box, in the hope that they would reach their parents in no time.

Followed by this was the visit to the FIMS Hospital. The students were greeted in the hospital lobby by a doctor, who escorted and took them around the hospital. Wearing masks, as a precautionary measure, the students learned about different jobs and sections in a hospital. The focus was to explain to the students the working and process of a hospital and the people associated with the place.

The visit to both the places was indeed an effective recap of the topic ‘Our Helpers’ for the students.

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