Modern School believes that each child is unique and is a treasure house of talents. Helping children discover, polish and bring forth to the world their treasure, is the sole aim of Exploring Talent. We provide exposure, training and platform to our little buds to showcase their talents. Whether it is dance, music, theater, drawing, craft or sports, children are given ample opportunities to identify and develop their abilities and areas of interest. The goal is not to help each child make a career out of his/her talent but to get in touch with his/her inner creativity. This “talent development” program helps students to develop their cognitive and creative abilities.
Through a wide array of activities, assembly presentations, celebrations of special occasions, puppet shows, recitations, theatrical representations the exploring talents classes become the hub of ingenuity.
As the students grow from stride to stride and bloom each class is ready to take the next step forward.

Our Exploring Talents teachers have set themselves the task of discovering and developing the hidden talents of each and every nursery student.