Headmistress's Message

Modern Early Years, Deepali


The process of shaping a child’s pliable mind and grooming each child to be an effective citizen begins in the formative years.

At Modern Early Years we aim to provide a secure environment to our children. One in which they learn to explore themselves. We strongly believe that each child is special and unique and is blessed with his own potential to succeed.
  Therefore, an education that imbibes creativity and innovation is at the core of successful learning and we endeavour to achieve this through a broad and balanced curriculum which allows children to not only realize their potential but also to explore and build their confidence.
  Our small classes allow us to truly engage with each child and to ensure that the activities planned are tailor made to suit the individual needs of our little ones. Our well trained and qualified faculty is well equipped and actively involved in the growth and learning of each pupil.   Above all we encourage parental involvement as we recognize the need for open communication between the school and home. Our PTM’s, open houses and counseling sessions are an opportunity to share the learning of each child as he/she aspires to soar.