India International Education Conclave

A two day program was organised by The Institute of Counselor Training Research and Consultancy (ICTRC) on February 22 and 23, 2017 at the Auditorium , India International Centre New Delhi.

Keeping with the ethos of the institution, we at The Modern School, ECNCR believe that the purpose of any education system is not only to foster academic learning but also all round development of children.

The Modern School, ECNCR took part in this two day seminar to learn more about the scope of careers available to the prospective generation. It was attended by Ms Anita (Counselor), Ms. Sapna Tuteja, Ms. Kanika and The Principal, Ms. Abha Sadana. The base line of the workshop was to define the due need for school counseling and how to help prospective generation to understand their hidden talent in a scientific way via interactive counseling by experts.
Dr. V. S. Ravindran, a renowned Educational Psychologist, Counselor Trainer and Teacher Educator welcomed all the guests & participants and emphasized upon the need and importance of Career Counseling Programs among the students. He said that its a matter of career development not career counseling. It is a self realisation process happening in the child. He also said that the youth is full of talent. If the talent is harnessed properly, it would not be lost in oblivion.

Ms. Nien Siao, campus director, Gurgaon of ARCH Academy of Design, gave an excellent presentation on Designing as a career and the vast choices available today. She emphasized that the need of the hour is for socially responsible designers and out of the box thinking.

Mr. Abdullah Ahmed, Director IIHM, Delhi, made an eye opening presentation on the innumerable and lucrative career choices available to students in the hospitality sector. He discussed the need for hardwork and dedication as the key to success in this sector. He also focused on the need for the school to recognise the importance of humanities as a subject. He rightly remarked that today, humanities is looked upon as an option for kids who aren’t focused on their studies. However, the limitless opportunities and handsome pay checks along with the never ending perks were just some of the benefits highlighted by him.

Another important part of the workshop was the Interactive Counseling Session held by Dr. V.S Ravindran. He made the atmosphere extremely electrifying by illustrating live cases and thought provoking deliberations.

He was at his humorous best, keeping the audience engaged and yet making the most arduous questions seem easiest. The aim was to have a free and frank discussion with the participants. His knowledge and insights on the career goals and how to effectively handle and nurture the future generation was a great learning experience for every present.

This session was very effectively handled by eminent panelist speakers and they suggested new avenues, right perception and the various ways to know one’s true talent.

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