Modern School has always laid great emphasis on inculcating the habit of reading in its students, right from the beginning.

Through a specifically designed Library Learning Programme, a variety of activities are carried out with the objective of encouraging students to acquire the love for reading.

The Library is well-stocked with lots of books on all subjects. Each student is allowed to issue one book at a time, for a maximum period of 14 days. For the children’s benefit, the Library also subscribes to children’s magazines and news papers.

Therefore, the Library helps to feed the eager minds of the young students, by giving them the right medium for knowledge and awareness, in the form of exciting and informative books and magazines.


The school has 2 IT labs : children from nursery onwards use these labs. All the labs are well equipped with the latest computers.

Computers are installed with current software according to the appropriate age.

  • IT Lab
  • IT Resource Lab (with Internet Connection)


The school has separate well equipped laboratories for Environmental science. Students are taken to these labs regularly and experimental work is well integrated with the theoretical teaching of science.

Language Lab:

A well equipped language lab is used to supplement and support the teaching of English, French and German.

Math Lab:

A Math Lab is a space designed for students to learn mathematics by performing activities and getting hands on experience. It provides a wide variety of materials to play with and learn the concepts. Math teaching and learning for primary school level (i.e for class Nursery to V) can entirely be done with activities and experiments by students. Math Lab also encourages group learning and co-operative learning among children. It encourages the ‘do and discover’ method of learning, removes the fear of Math and thus complements classroom learning.

Audio Visual Room:

The school boasts of an Audio Visual Room with a seating capacity of 50 students. It is equipped with latest technology equipments.


The school canteen serves fresh and nutritious snacks, health drinks and juices.

Medical Room:

There is a doctor on call and trained nurse available on the school premises during the working hours of the school . The medical room caters to routine medical problems. All children undergo an annual medical check up and a health file is maintained for each student. In the event of an emergency, children are sent to a nearby hospital, which is well equipped with competent staff and facilities.

Behavioral and personal counselling

A counsellor is available to help and support students as well as parents in finding solutions to behavioral and personal problems of the students.

Fine Arts

Music , Dance, Instrumental and Art room


Outdoor sports:

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Lawn tennis
  • Football
  • Skating

Indoor sports:

  • Table Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Carom
  • Chess

Facilities at Deepali Campus

The students are provided a safe and well structured environment in which they play, sing, dance, colour, paint, run, jump and study.

A well equipped Activity Room popularly known as Kid’s Club is the hub of all creative art, craft and inventive activities. The children indulge in structured craft and clay work based on the program of study covered throughout the month, looking forward to delightful treats in non-fire cooking, messing up their hands and faces in collage painting and throwing a flurry of colored paper through paper craft.

The steady, harmonized beats from the synthesizer excite the little dance masters as they attend Exploring Talents classes. Captivated by puppet shows, dance dramas, and musical charades, the toddlers take a step ahead as they discover their instinctive talents.

Sounds of univocal cheering can often be heard as an activity race is conducted to rediscover an environmental studies topic or help learn a new shape, colour, or number. Hopping, skipping, jumping, and running strengthening their physical aptitude the little champs bolster their self confidence through Sports Classes.

Allowing the soft morning breeze to brush past their chubby cheeks and add a frosty nose to sneeze while they take a nature walk in the park. Discovering through feeling, smelling, and seeing the flowers and fauna in their environment while birds chirp in the trees; bringing them closer to nature!

The young Modernite is learning as he/she is growing.

Being provided the opportunity to present a Thought, Talk or Talent in the morning assembly works wonders to the self confidence of each little flutter bug, making them more independent by the day.