The Modern School, ECNCR organized an Inter House Classical and Semi Classical Dance Competition for classes P3 – P5 on July 12, 2017. Shiwalik, Vindhyachal, Himalaya and Himachal, all four houses participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They presented Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Semi classical dance forms.

The students were judged on parameters like costume, expression, dance techniques and body language. The rhythm, presentation and synchronization of the participants entranced the audience as well as judges. They applauded and appreciated the performances. Classical and Semi classical dance forms are an integral part of our history and learning and performing such forms makes the students aware of our rich heritage and culture. The competition enabled the students to showcase their talent and enhance their confidence as well.

Aaria Dalptia of Himalaya House bagged the first position followed by Saisha Oberoi of Himachal House and Vidhi Kapoor of Vindhyachal House respectively.

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