International Peace Day and Our Helpers

It has been rightly said,”Helping hands and loyal beings can shape a world of Peace and Harmony”. Keeping the spirit of this statement, The Modern School ECNCR celebrated September 21, 2017 as International Peace Day and Helpers Day. On this day, those who have been serving tirelessly to ensure that we get a comfortable life through variant services, were presented a rose – a token of gratitude by the students of class Nursery. This was followed by a brief session, in which the school helpers including the nurse, drivers, gardeners, maids and lady guards introduced themselves and their key areas of work to the students. This session further enhanced the understanding and respect for their work. Students of class KG also performed a wonderful roleplay in order to express their feelings of love and gratitude and their willingness to take initiatives to formulate a peaceful society. This day thus had multiple objectives: of acquainting the students with the role of ‘our helpers’ while at the same time igniting in them the spirit to shape a peaceful world and instilling dignity of labour as an essential virtue.


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