On Saturday 19, August the students of Modern Early Years, Deepali celebrated the festival of Janamshtami through a colourful musical show entitled – “Mere Kanha”.

Beginning with the birth of Lord Krishna the children highlighted the different stages of his life which made Krishna a truly beloved god for all. These included the natkhat bal kanha enjoying butter with his friends. The possessive Radha fighting off all the gopi’s from her adored murli bhajayia. Culminating with the powerful Lord Krishna protector of good over evil, fighting and defeating Kansa mama.

As class Nursery had prepared this special presentation their parents were invited to witness this special celebration and once the dahi handi had been broken and Kansa laid to rest the parents joined the students in singing – “Achutom Keshavam” a heart rendering bhajan to praise Kanha.

On their way out the children enjoyed showering little Kanha with flower petals and swinging his palna! Jai Shri Krishna.


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