National Sports Day

The Modern School ECNCR celebrated National Sports Day on Monday, August 29, 2016. Special assembly was organized, in which the students were told about the importance of ‘Sports’ and the relevance of National Sports Day. The students took oath in the school for active participation in Sports. On this occasion, all the students from Nursery to S4 participated in various sports activities with great enthusiasm and zeal. The little ones had fun while indulging in different activities. The kids learnt a lot about true sportsmanship and the value of playing games. They also took home a token of fitness as a fond reminder of the same. Students of P1 participated in hurdle race, P2 and P3 in bean bag race, P4 and P5 in a throw ball match and S1 to S4 in a Kho- Kho match. Students were seen playing with true team spirit and the celebration of National Sports Day echoed in the corridors and fields.



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