Orientation with #IAmtheSolution

The Modern School, ECNCR organised an orientation programme ‘I am the Solution’ in collaboration with Interact Club for the students of classes P1 – S5. It aimed at igniting sense of awareness and responsibility in the students for the community, nation and planet at large. The core essence of the orientation was to make the students realise that the answers to burning issues, problems and concurs in today’s world lie within them. They should believe in themselves to bring about a change that they wish to experience.

The session primarily outlined how one can be the solution of every problem. By the end of the session, everyone was chanting #IAmTheSolution. The speaker presented few situational slides to the students and they were asked about what could be the solutions of the problems. The students enthusiastically participated and suggested appropriate solutions which made them believe the words #IAmTheSolution thenceforth. For community development and environment and sustainability, it is essential for the humans to find solution on their own because they are the only solution. The students of S2-S5 had an extensive discussion about how could they be the solution of environmental issues. They were enlightened with the terms – social sensitivity, professional ethics, personal responsibility and national progression and their dire need in today’s world for sustainablity.

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