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September 8, 2017
September 16, 2017
Rally For River

Save rivers- the need of today

‘Water is Life, Treat it Right’


The Modern School, ECNCR in its endeavour to promote the social cause organized a special assembly on the theme ‘Save Rivers’ on September 15, 2017. It created awareness among the students regarding the condition of rivers in the present day.

A talk regarding the vital role rivers play in our life and the need to save them from drying was delivered. The students also recognized the fact that if humans wish to survive on Earth, it is important to work towards saving rivers and protecting nature.

All the students and the teachers took pledge to volunteer and be a part of ‘Rally for Rivers’, Campaign.

The volunteers of Rally For Rivers Campaign gave a presentation and addressed the modernites, urging them to be a part of the social cause.

The dance depicting the plight of rivers along with the thought provoking street play further outlined the cause.

The students also participated in a creative writing competition, wherein they penned down their thoughts on the topic ‘Save Rivers’.

They also exhibited their support for the cause in the form of art, wherin around 100 students made a human formation depicting river Ganga originating from Lord Shiva. The river was shown eventually getting dusty and polluted. The message of ‘Save Rivers and Plant Trees’ on the banks was vivid in the formation.

The Principal, Ms Abha Sadana also spoke about depletion of rivers and how students can help in raising awareness for the same and doing their bit to preserve mother earth.

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