The Modern School ECNCR resonated with the sound of patriot songs and slogans on January 25, 2017, as Himalaya House celebrated their house function on the theme – Republic Day. As the Chief Guest arrived, the Himalayans sung their house song proudly, to mark the beginning of the event. The Himalayans stole the hearts of the audience with their individual performances. The house presented a play showcasing the fundamental rights and duties of an Indian citizen. Spectacular jhankis of different states of India depicting ‘Unity in Diversity’ presented by the students of classes Nursery and KG left everyone spellbound. The staple food of the states was shared as the sumptuous lunch with the flavour of ethnicity in the primary wing. With freedom in their hearts and pride in their souls the students of Nursery sang ‘Vande Matram’ in unison. The event ended with the resounding applaud received from the audience for the commendable efforts of the participants.


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