SOS Children’s Village

The students of The Modern School ECNCR, Delhi visited SOS children’s village Bawana on 19 August, 2017. It was built in 1976 with the aim to provide abandoned or parentless children, a loving environment to grow up in. At present, the village consists of 198 children living in 16 Family Homes.

The students of The Modern School interacted with the inmates individually and discussed about their daily routine. The inmates were very enthusiastic, confident and excited to have the same age group friends as visitors. The affection and warmth for the ones who are less privileged was evident among our students. Their yearning to reach out to them was heartwarming. The students visited their family homes and met SOS mothers who care for the children and look after them.

The day was full of fun filled activities, where new bonds and friendships could be seen blossoming. From the hearty laughs shared over jokes, songs and stories to the embraces that marked the end of the visit, all was captured in their hearts to be cherished and valued.

The visit gave the students valuable insights about the world of the less privileged and the importance of contributing towards their welfare and development.

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