Summer Camp & Exhibition

Summer Camp – days full of fun, activities & excitement where we rediscover the joy of learning. The Modern School, ECNCR organized a two week Summer Camp from May 15 to May 27, 2017. It was conceptualized in a way that students engaged in a variety of modules with the focus on Self Defence. The camp had multitude of other activities of which a brief description is given below:

Sports – ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. To let students run azure on the sports field and play their favourite sport, various sports were introduced in the camp for the students to indulge in such as Lawn Tennis, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Skating and Taekwondo. They had a gala time on the sports ground with coaches.

Life Skills Workshop – The two day training module for classes P3 – S5 primarily focused on the concerning and core aspects of education – learning & retention.

Basic exercises and strategies that help the students achieve their academic goals were taught by Ms. Anita, the school counselor. Participants indulged in brain storming over innovative ways to retain and made flash cards and mind maps on topics learned in the class.

Effective Communication Workshop – ‘The art of effective communication is the language of leadership’. A two day workshop for the students of P3 – S3 on various aspects of communication & how it can be made effective was organized as a part of the Summer Camp. Video on effective communication, role play and group discussion on how expressions can become a medium of communication were some of the activities in which students actively took part. The workshop ended with a message ‘Spread Happiness…..the best way to communicate’.

Pottery – Clay Moulding – There is something very therapeutic about playing with clay even for an adult. On one hand the young ones made simple things like: balls, snakes, butterflies, etc. On the other hand, students of P3 – S3 learned the basics of working on Potter’s wheel. They made flower pots, bowls, diyas etc. They even learnt how pots are baked and glazed and how important it is to use the right kind of clay to create new things.

Sculpturing – It is imperative for all school kids to experience, play, express and get their hands dirty in the wonderful material called clay. Students were introduced to the basics of clay modeling tools and techniques like rolling, patting and coil making. They were also introduced to ‘relief sculpture’. They created ‘relief art work’ on clay slabs. These slabs would be dried and put in a furnace. The resulting terracotta would then be arranged to form a wall mural.

Soft Toys Making – Students of classes P3 to S3 took part in this activity with great gusto as they could finally learn to make their favourite toys. Students of classes P3-P5 made frogs, cars, stars and giraffes. Grade S1 to S3 students made smiley doll, caterpillar and pizza shaped toy.

Model Making – Model making activity brought the creative geniuses of the students together. Working on various themes and designing various models gave wings to their innovative and creative minds. They learned the basics of electric circuits, made burglar alarm, thermocol cutter, glue gun, density tower, etc.

Multimedia – It gave students an experience of some of the fastest growing fields Computer Technology, Movie Making etc. Students of classes P3 to P5 created ‘My Narrative’, ‘Story Board’ etc. Students of S1 to S3 learned to work on Windows Movie Maker Software with the help of which they made personalized movies.

Bakery – Students were really enthusiastic about honing their culinary skills and exploring the world of cuisine. They prepared mouth watering delicacies with focus being on learning to bake. They learned to prepare delicious cakes, cookies, mousse etc.

Creative Work – ‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on’. An urge to create something new, something unique could be seen in the students of Nursery to P2 as they made Photo designed Frames, Puppets, did Paper Folding, Impression, Wax and Block Printing, Bread crafting and Cooking without Fire. Students of classes P3 to S3 brought their creative skills to the fore front by making praiseworthy & exquisite 3D cards, 3D quilling, handcrafts Pot painting with worli, art motifs and acrylic plates with decorative patterns.

Dance – ‘To touch, to move, to inspire – this is the true gift of dance’. The promising ‘Shiamak Dawars’ had fun learning all the dance moves of different dance forms and making merry all the while.

Music – Students were introduced to different chords and raags. The instruments like casio and sitar formed the nucleus of learning.  The whole school reverberated with music as they practised.

Theatre – The students were given an insight into acting nuances. To develop their imagination and creative skills and to train them not only for stage, but for leardership in life as well theatre workshops were organised. Students of classes P3 to P5 presented a skit ‘Sab Kuch Sadak Par’ while students of S1 to S3 presented ‘Mera Astitva’.

The school witnessed an amalgamation of all these activities on May 27, 2017 in the form of an exhibition. It was a vivid presentation of the skills acquired by the students and the captivating exhibits of work done during the Summer Camp. The students were overjoyed as their parents witnessed their splendid work. The hall resounded with appreciative applause as students gave dazzling performances of dance, music, theatre and Self Defence. The exhibits of Soft Toys, Artifacts, Paintings, Bakery, Model Making etc also left everyone spellbound.

Summer Camp was real fun for the modernites giving them a break from the mundane routine.

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