Tikkli Challenge

Adventure is worthwhile.

After a rigorous selection round, four students of our school of classes S2-S3 participated in the Rocksport, 3km Tikkli Challenge on January 14, 2016 at Tikkling Camp Gurugram.
The children brimming with adrenaline rush, ran in a cross-country sprint where they overcame many obstacles with noteworthy agility. They indulged in rock climbing, scrolling, cycling and splash through muddy terrains to get to the finish line.
The children finished at the 4th position in their respective races and were awarded with the bronze medal in the group event. The students who participated in the races and made the school proud are Punya Pratap Rachhoya, Sneha Sharma and Mansa Gautam from S3 and Ashish Tyagi from S2.
Overall, it was a great adventurous experience for the children.


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