Traffic Training Park

The Modern School, ECNCR, organized an educational trip to ‘Traffic Training Park’ for the students of preprimary section on August 19, 2017. Traffic Training park is set up to create awareness about traffic signals and the correct way of driving vehicles on the road. The trip commenced with the sub inspector Ms. Pushppal Kaur’s address, in which she outlined the importance of road safety rules and different signs and signals on the road. The students enthusiastically participated in the talk and promptly answered all her queries.

They were able to recognize the zebra crossing & traffic lights in the park and co-relate to the knowledge gained in the class. It was indeed an effective recapitulation session of the topic taught in the class. The fighter plane and helicopter parked in the miniature airport were the highlights of the trip.

The visit to the traffic park was not only a fun filled trip for the children but also an engaging capsule of comprehensive learning experience for all.

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