Tree Plantation Report

Tree Plantation activity was conducted at The Modern School, Kundli on the 25th and 27th of July respectively.

On the 25th Class KG from Modern Early Years, Deepali joined their friends from KG at the senior school to plant a wide variety of plants around the school boundary wall.

The children presented a small sapling to our respected school Principal, Ms. Abha Sadana and presented the rhyme “अगर पेड़ भी चलते होते, कितने मज़े हमारे होते I” during the welcome assembly. They enjoyed watching their friends from Kundli present a small skit too.

On 27th Class Nursery visited the senior school for the first time and were delighted to see  the big school

Together all the children recited the rhyme – “पेड़ पौधे हमारे हैं I” for all their friends at the senior school.

They were escorted by their class teacher, Principal – Ms. Abha Sadana and the Headmistress – Ms. Nalini Singh to plant the saplings and to take a small tour of the school.

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