Trip to Nainital- A wondrous experience

  81 students of classes P5 – S5 of The Modern School, Kundli attended a summer adventure camp at Nainital from May 31, 2017 to June 4, 2017. The Camp Anubhav organized by Rocksport gave the students a wonderful opportunity to be in nature’s lap as they indulged in daring and thrilling adventurous activities and games like Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Zip Line, Caving, Tent Pitching, Knot Making, High Rope Course, Trekking, Samba and Treasure Hunt. The students stayed in tents and cottages thus experiencing living close to nature and also learned the value of adaptation. They savoured the true nectar of adventure while day as well as night trekking which allowed them to explore the grandeur and depth of nature. The day trek took them to the roof top of a mountain where they honed their culinary skills by cooking maggi thus learning survival skills in wilderness. Students also recorded their enriching experiences in a journal every evening. The bon-fire with light music helped them to bond with their campmates and instructors. The students were divided into three groups viz Blue Battalion, Black Panther and White Tiger. The camp site reverberated with the war cry of all the teams. The camp culminated with Guerilla Warfare, Prize Distribution ceremony and  Dance performances on Dj. Blue Battalion Team was declared the best team and Best well- kept Tent and Best well- kept Cottage was also awarded. The students participated with utmost exuberance in all the activities and were up early in the morning to breathe in the clean air and to appease their thrill of adventure. The trip was a memorable one as it was not only filled with fun and frolic but also helped them learn social skills and develop leadership qualities.

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