Visit to Old Age Home! 

The students of class S2 of The Modern School ECNCR visited an NGO, Triveni Old Age Home on August 19, 2017. The primary objective of the visit was sensitize the students and prepare them for the social responsibility that they need to shoulder in the future. It also gave them an insight into the world of the elderly, who are deprived of personal care, love or attention by the family. The valuable time spent in the Old Age Home was cherished by the students, as they indulged in various activities and games with the inmates. The treasure trove of moments during the interactive session brought smiles on the weary faces of the elderly, who were facing the winter of their life. The group saw them in peals of laughter, especially while playing tongue twisters. The inmates were particularly excited to share their experience and stories with the students. The small tokens of love which the students presented as gifts from The Modern School ECNCR were wholehearted embraced by them.

Realization of the pain and anxiety faced by the elderly, determination for voluntary visits and own up the responsibility of adults in the future were evident in the reflection sheets filled by the students when they returned from the visit. It was yet another landmark set in the agenda of creating social awareness in the school.

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