March 17, 2018
world health day
World Health Day
April 8, 2018

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

The Modern School, ECNCR celebrated World Health Day on April 06, 2018. On account of the day, the senior as well as junior school organized special assemblies where the students presented news, thought, talk and talent keeping in mind the theme of the day. The senior school assembly focused on the slogan for this year’s theme, selected by WHO i.e. Health for all. Guest speaker Dr. Varun Narwal, (retd.) Major of Indian Army was also invited on the special occasion. He enlightened the students with his words and shared the importance of celebrating the day with them. He shared valuable information which stemmed from his life experiences. He also initiated interest in the students by breaking many myths about keeping oneself healthy, which have been prevailing in the society for long. He shared important and thought provoking facts related to health and tips to maintain good health. From a balanced nutritious diet to workouts, yoga and mental health, all was discussed with the objective to provide youth with authentic information that would enable them to usher a healthier world in years to come.



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