World Health Day
April 6, 2018
Camp Anubhav- Jim Corbett National Park.
April 10, 2018
world health day

6th April 2018 the students of Modern Early Years celebrated World Health Day. Learning the importance of exercise to eating healthy food was something the students learnt through short story the Exploring Talents enacted for them. Dressing up as doctors the Kids Club visited each class and prepared a growth chart and health details records which were sent home.

For the Little Ones of our school the world was unfolding its mysteries in a very oblivious manner. So we decided to take the parents help, and as always our parents cooperated very willingly. We received vaccination cards and height and weight details as well as dental reports and the paediatrician updated!

At the end of the day the students understood:

To enjoy the glow of good health, they must exercise and eat a balanced meal

world health day world health day world health day

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