The curriculum during the two early years of Academic progression is largely based on the theory of providing the child a strong fundamental base to prepare him/her for the next step up the ladder. Therefore basic knowledge of Pre Number Concepts, the letters of the Alphabet both English and Hindi, along with the Environmental Awareness enables each child to firmly look ahead.


The task on hand is to enable the little ones to grasp the spoken and written abilities as well as a sense of reasoning. Providing interesting, play way methods to help engrave each concept in the child’s mind is adequately practiced through:
  • Written activities with the mother teacher in the classroom.
  • Theatre and music activities in the Exploring Talent room.
  • Followed equally well with a craft activity or memory game in Kid’s Club.
  • Not to forget an activity race to complete each topic.
There is no fixed curriculum as devised by the National Council of Learning or the Central Board of Secondary Education but we do believe that in order to next step up the ladder the child should have a basic understanding of:
  • Pre number concepts.
  • Recognition and written ability of letters of the English alphabet.
  • Recognition and written ability of letters of Hindi Varnmala.
  • Basic understanding of environmental awareness.