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Christmas Week Nur-P2


Students of classes Nur-P2 celebrated Christmas week from December 20-24,2021 with great zeal and fervor. 

As Christmas brings cheer and love, we celebrated it with the same fervor spreading the message of love and joy among our children. Different activities were held during this week for our tiny tots- 

Day 1- Classes Nursery and KG  did an activity 'Act of Kindness' in which students made a postcard and spoke few lines on the kindness act done by them and Santa would present them a gift. 

Students of classes P1 and P2 wrote their wishes to Santa and asked him for their favorite gifts. 

Day 2- A non-fire cooking activity was conducted wherein the students prepared delicious cakes using different materials available in the kitchen along with a chocolate pine tree. 

Day  3- Students decorated their Christmas trees using beautiful decoration materials.  

Day 4- A Christmas party was held that was enjoyed by all as they danced and sang carols. In the special assembly,  students were acquainted with  Jesus Christ and Santa Claus. 

Day  5- Children enjoyed playing Christmas games with the class teacher along with singing carols.

It was an enriching learning experience for our young modernites to celebrate the festive fervor of Christmas throughout the week.