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IIT Delhi Visit


An experiential learning program for the students of The Modern School, Faridabad was organised on September 8, 2022, at IIT Delhi as a part of an academic outreach program. Students of Grades S6(Science) and S7(Science)  visited IIT Delhi and interacted with its faculty. During this academic visit students explored and experienced hands-on learning in detecting light using semiconductors. 
Students were divided into groups of six and made to visit the chemistry lab on a rotational basis. Upon entry, a brief was given of the process and basic tools used. Later, all students were shown the various steps involved in the detection of light using different apparatus and devices. Students learned about the new techniques and new machines as used in the industry. 
Overall it was a wonderful experience as these types of outreach programs are very informative and depth-dwelling for the young minds of today who are the leaders of tomorrow.