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P4- Virtual Excursion-‘Famous Tourist Festival Destinations in Europe’


Technology has removed the barriers of time and distance. There are now available a variety of activities and experiences which allow us to enjoy the beauty or adventure of far-off places while sitting in the comfort of our homes.

Virtual excursions allow learners to engage in a dynamic, interactive and guided way and assist students to learn outside their classrooms. Keeping the same view in mind, an educational virtual excursion to ‘Famous Tourist Festival Destinations in Europe’ was organised for the students of P4 on September 24, 2021.

They got an opportunity to get a glimpse of the famous festivals celebrated in Europe.

The students were also apprised about the ‘Dance Festivals of India’ and their unique features. The excursion helped the students to comprehend about the wonders of different festivals of different places. It sparked their interest as well as nurtured their thinking skills and helped in broadening their horizons.

Overall, it was an enthralling experience for the young minds.

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