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About the Boarding Facility

The Boarding facilities and the residential programme are carefully curated for a comfortable stay of its Resident Scholars. We believe that the students grow a lot outside of the dedicated seven hours of the schooling. Keeping the overall development of the students in mind, The Modern School ECNCR devised its residential programme where we welcome students to experience the State of the Art boarding facility on our school premises.

During weekdays, the Resident Scholars shall be busy with the school activities and on the weekends, they will enjoy the extracurricular activities and relaxed environment to foster a well-rounded development. The Head-Residences and House Parents are always available for the timely care of the Resident Scholars. We offer both 7 days and 5 days residential programs. Under 5-day residential programme, they can avail the Boarding House facility from Monday to Friday. School shall provide the transport facility to pick and drop the students from fixed convenient locations on Fridays and Mondays.

The residences can accommodate up-to 200 students. Its residential scheme is divided into three categories i.e. 2 Bed, 4 Bed and 8 Bed dormitory, which shall be allocated to the students on the basis of the class in which the students are studying. The Boarding House is equipped with all facilities & amenities to take care of the conveniences of the resident scholars on one hand and with latest technologies for energy saving, control, supervision and security measures on the other hand.

Our Facilities

24-hour Medical facilities

The boarding facility is equipped with a round the clock medical facility. We have an on duty doctor as well as a trained nurse who is present 24*7 to aid the students. The campus also houses a professionally designed medical room inside the residential building.


The dining hall is carefully designed to cater to the nutritional needs of the resident scholars. While keeping the diversity of the menu in check, we also make sure that the students get all the required nutrition at correct and frequent intervals.

Well equipped rooms

The residential rooms are designed on sharing basis and to make sure that all the basic needs and comforts of the scholars are met properly. Along with a comfortable bed with mattress, the room has ample storage space, study table, plenty of lighting, full length mirror and air conditioning.

Curricular and Academics

The Modern School ECNCR Boarding makes sure that after-school academics are undertaken regularly. The Boarding House has set aside time for its resident students to build a structured and comprehensive study routine under the direction of qualified house teachers.

High-end Security

The automated security system assisted by trained security personnels set our boarding facility apart from others. We have both female and male warden present in the facility at all times along with their respective support staff to make sure that the students are absolutely safe and sound in their second home.

Advanced Smart Environment

The residence building is designed with Smart Technology to enhance the security system. It has features like AI based time management for access, temperature control, sensor based lighting and attendance registration to make sure that the students safe and secure inside the premises.

Common Room

To foster friendships and communication, we have a colourful and well crafted common room which is equipped with televisions and communication corners. It is one of the favourite corners of all the scholars.


The residents have an extended access to the sports grounds and facilities of the school premises. Living on the campus allows them to practice and learn for prolonged hours which gives them an edge over other students.

Skill development

The Modern School ECNCR makes sure that the scholars get a chance to refine their skills and hobbies through different coaching sessions. The schools pays a lot of attention to both extra curricular activities and academics.

Recreational activities

The residential programme involves plenty of recreational activities for the residents. Television, games, hobby classes, movie screenings, sports, co-curricular and even outings are a part of the programme.

Study Rooms

Apart from the study area in each room, there are also dedicated study rooms for the resident scholars, equipped with computer systems.

Mini Library

The school facility has an equipped library for all the students and a special mini library has also been curated for just the resident scholars as well.

Regular outings

To give a change of scenery and diverse learning experiences, the school takes the scholars for several outings during the residential programme. They consist of both educational and recreational excursions.

Talks and Seminars

The Modern School ECNCR frequently organises and hosts difference guidance sessions for the resident scholars. The mentors vary from public speakers to even student parents; the idea is to expose them to all rounded development.

Laundry and Grooming

We also have regular outsourced services for both laundry and grooming for all the students to make sure that their basic needs are very well taken care of.

Hygienic Washrooms

The common washrooms in the residences have multiple stalls enough for each student. They are also equipped with a regular hot and cold water supply with temperature control.

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