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We make sure that a student never experiences emotional or physical insecurity while residing in a boarding house. For its resident scholars, it serves as a "Home away from Home." Our core philosophy is that all amenities, including a safe atmosphere, emotional support, modern utilities, health services, educational advice, and access to fresh, nutritious food, must be offered to hostel students after school hours. Our boarders are raised in this supportive environment to become self-reliant, self-assured disciplined humans.


Hi-tech enabled infrastructure with CCTV monitoring assures the physical safety of the students. The boarding residences follow definite SoPs for emergency situations under a round the clock guidance of the wardens. Modernites are also taken care of for their mental and psychological safety. Competent staff provides a positive atmosphere with zero tolerance for any untoward incidents.

Residential Life

Campus - The Boarding House is a piece of the school grounds which is spread over 11.25 sections of land. Its structure is built with State-of-the-art architecture with all solaces and administrations expected for the understudies to deal with their instruction as needed might arise as an individual.


The Modern School ECNCR Boarding makes sure that after-school academics are undertaken regularly. The Boarding House has set aside time for its resident students to build a structured and comprehensive study routine under the direction of qualified house teachers. During this time, children' academic progress will be properly monitored, and parents will receive weekly reports. The provision of lessons taught by subject-matter experts can also be made available to the needy students upon specific parent request. A laptop facility will be provided to the kids on the weekends, under the housemaster's supervision, to keep them abreast with technology.


Every day, students will have a set play period during their resident hours when they can relax while being watched by a teaching member. We ensure the kids get ample recreation since we know how important it is to balance academics with physical activity.

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