Career and Guidance

The Modern School, ECNCR Delhi

In face of the unprecedented pace of changes worldwide with the advent of information technology and explosive growth of knowledge, our education system aims to develop students’ knowledge, adaptability, creativity, independent thinking and life-long learning capabilities so that they can be better prepared to make informed and responsible choices and thus be able to make the best of the opportunities ahead. It plays a significant role in enabling a student to develop the knowledge and skills needed for making wise choices, managing transition in learning. At The Modern School, students are not only guided for future careers but day to day behavioral issues are also addressed by individual counseling of Parents, Students and Teachers. A child is like a plant that needs love, care, attention and guidance in the right quantities to be able to blossom completely. Time to time sessions on parenting, ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch, are also undertaken to make the students self aware. At The Modern School , Education and Career Guidance is about equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work, and hence to manage their career pathways and lifelong learning throughout their lives. Through this, social emotional competencies and qualities of adaptability and resilience are developed to prepare students for the 21st Century.