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The Crest

नायमात्मा बलहीनेन लभ्य:

Self-realization can not be achieved by the weak-willed

The identity of the institution is embedded in the Crest. The School Crest signifies the circle of eternity marked by the three elements in human development of body, mind and spirit, the resplendent sun shining between the triangle and the circle. Inside the triangle, there is a banyan tree to represent stability and firmness of character, the swan and the lotus represent refinement, culture and the arts which are fundamental elements of progress in life. The crest is the representation of the ideologies the school stands for the Sanskrit quotation, Naimatma Balheenien Labhya, the english translation of which may be, “Self Realization cannot be achieved by the weak willed” is engraved on the crest. Besides the school motto, there are four words, Truthfulness, Unselfishness, Frankness and Self-Control which guide each child in his/her daily life. The crest speaks volumes of the holy portals of this great institution.

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