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Extra-Curricular activities at Modern School ECNCR offer our students much more than a classroom experience, including studio, non-performing, and performing environments, as well as a well-balanced education that emphasises both the process of learning and the outcome of our efforts.
We feel it is critical to give kids opportunities to develop a lifelong passion for, appreciation for, and participation in the arts and activities. As a result, the Extra-Curricular department augments our curricular offerings by providing students with a vast array of possibilities to participate in the assembly, the house meets, and clubs like Tech Buzz, Sci-Fi, Manch, Interact, and Sur Taal, IncrEdible, and other collaborative performance events.
We feel that participating benefits everyone at both the individual and societal levels. Modern School ECNCR students gain hands-on experience using their knowledge and abilities in real-world situations. Only a total adjustment in the curriculum structure and time allocation to the area of work will reduce the emphasis on conventional learning in India.
Perception, problem-solving, comprehension, and sensitivity skills are developed through a range of experiences in art programs. The goal of the Extra-Curricular activities is to help pupils comprehend and appreciate the boundless and constant outcomes of artistic endeavors that are all around us in our daily lives. Modern School students can express and cultivate their creative tendencies thanks to the art curriculum's unique nature.


Various interactive programs must be given an important place in the curriculum at all levels of schooling, and the content of academic topics should be as closely tied to them as feasible. Modern school ECNCR incorporates clubs such as MUN (Model United Nations), Sciensation (Science and Environment), music clubs, Peace Club, Theater, Dance and Music, and Economic Society. All these clubs specifically cover different niches. This is done so that students are introduced to various aspects of society.

The goal of forming these clubs is to give children opportunities to participate in social and economic activities inside and outside the classroom, allowing them to understand societal principles and processes involved in various types of work and in the physical and social environments in which they are found. Our music clubs offer a wide range of creative ideas. This is represented not only in the musical styles but also in the experiences we have to comprehend music intellectually. We frequently learn songs from other countries or sections of India. Some students tend to possess intimate knowledge of the song or language.


The house structure provides an excellent foundation for kids' capacity building. It is the foundation for all Modern School ECNCR events and activities. Nilgiris and Kanchenjunga are the two houses that make up the school. Students demonstrate their abilities and talents.


Assemblies can provide valuable opportunities for children to learn about principles, religious holidays, special days, music, and other topics. Special days like Malala Day, Labour Day, and the International Day of Charity are all honored with zeal. Our class assemblies are a great location to practice social, social, and public oratory skills and build confidence. The Modern School ECNCR's morning assemblies often feature several famous and prominent personalities who have excelled in many sectors such as literature, medical knowledge, and sports. Exciting shows are staged to commemorate India's colourful traditions with zest and devotion

S.U.P.W. (Socially useful productive work)

S.U.P.W. connects life and education, as well as education and job. It improves the effectiveness and utility of learning. It connects theory to practice and knowledge to craft. It has the potential to boost national productivity and self-employment. It leads to a better alignment of life and education. It enhances the child's personality and aids in developing his creative capabilities and different abilities. At Modern School ECNCR, activities such as Clay Modelling, Go Green, Best out of waste, Paper Magic, Vibgyor - World of colours (sketching and painting, Master Chef, Tech Toon (Computers), Zumba take precedence over the practical side of things. S.U.P.W.- can undoubtedly serve its objective if it is wisely planned based on this educational component, the pupils' capacity, and society's demands.

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