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The Boarding House Building and intelligent automated environment are designed to help children enjoy a safe and secure life on campus. On the premises of the hostel, is a central lock system that is monitored 24 hours a day by a computerised monitoring system. Access to facilities and dormitories is exclusively via digital smart cards. The entire campus is monitored by video cameras 24 hours a day. Boys and girls are provided with separate access and accommodation, and you cannot move from the boys campus to the girls' campus and vice versa. There are female security guards on the women's campus.

Besides all these facilities/systems installed for taking care of the security of the children, they will be safe under the supervision of the vigil eye of the Head-Residences and House Parents with support of security guards. Nonetheless the whole campus is secured by the electric fencing.

Security Measures undertaken by The Modern School ECNCR for their resident scholars:

Digital Card access only

Male guards for male accommodation and female guards for female accommodation

24-hour CCTV surveillance

Head wardens and house parents present in the accommodation at all times

Electric fencing around the premises

Separate entrances and accommodation for boys and girls

Fully automated security system

Central locking system



At the Boarding Facility in The Modern School ECNCR, we take care of the students’ health with utmost care. We pay attention to not only the physical health with an array of sports and nutritious food, but we also take care of their physiological and mental health. Our in-house dining hall serves several meals during the day and the food menu caters to diverse cuisines and nutrients.

Health Measures undertaken by The Modern School ECNCR for their resident scholars:

Digitised and hygienic modern kitchen facilities

Highly trained and professional chefs

Diverse and nutritious food menu every week

Multiple meals at regular intervals everyday

Access to sports grounds and facilities after school hours

A wide lush green campus spread across 11.25 acres

24-hour presence of a doctor with well equipped medical facility

Strong association with nearby hospitals

Regular interactions with wardens and in-house parents

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