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Sports We Offer

Sports activities stimulate a student’s creativity in the most beneficial way possible. Modern School ECNCR provides cutting-edge sports activities facilities to provide students with opportunities and give their sports enthusiasm high wings.

The coaches are qualified and experienced athletes who utilise their knowledge and experience to help young athletes reach their full potential. Here is the list of both outdoor and indoor games.

Outdoor Sports


Basketball courts have been built and maintained the school for fit basketball contests. Basketball has long been a sport that the school's teams have been passionate about. The school makes a consistent effort and motivates kids to engage in numerous activities.



We have set up a Banked Skating Track to our school to continue our benchmark and heritage of offering the best available facilities for our students.



The institution is committed to continuing the country's tradition of generating quality players and promoting cricket amongst them. The Modern School ECNCR would like to foster in its children attributes such as strategy development, decision-making, leadership skills, and team spirit that they could learn through this game.



We have exceptional football fields on which we host a variety of events all year around. From junior to senior students, The Modern School ECNCR football team is always looking for competitions, and everyone is passionate about actively engaging in football matches.


Lawn Tennis

We offer a robust sports and games curriculum because we believe it helps children develop character and teach them life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and patience. We built the Lawn Tennis court, by bearing this in mind. It is a popular sport among students, who make the most of the facilities.



A well-equipped Taekwondo training class is available at the institution. It comprises student workshops and practise sessions. The Modern School ECNCR caters after Taekwondo students and assists them academically and medically.



Building a pleasant school atmosphere starts with activities like athletics. The Modern School ECNCR's main goal is to instil in its students a sense of pride, responsibility, and togetherness.


Indoor Sports



Chess is a game of quadrants, coordinates, lines, angles, assessing possibilities, and decision-making. It involves decoding, analysis, strategic planning, and anticipation of outcomes. The Modern School ECNCR is aware that it is more than just a game and aids students in developing their critical thinking skills.


Table Tennis

Table tennis tournaments are often eagerly anticipated by students at Modern School Kundli. We support healthy competition because it activates several areas of the brain and enhances hand-eye coordination.



In addition to being a social game, it also aids in the development of players' varied skills and aptitudes. Playing pool is a good way to unwind after a long day at school.

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