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Proud Parents Speak

Nitu Singh Rathore

It feels great to be part of The Modern School . Teacher-child ratio is one of the main reason which draws me to this institution giving children more confidence when asking questions, engage in group activities and opportunities for one-on-one time with the teachers.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the teachers of The Modern School for their dedication & efforts to bring out the best in Child

Parveen Garg

Dear Modern School Team,
I have got admissions for my son Krish Garg and daughter Somya Garg in 2016 when I came back from Australia.

During those 6 years, My kids were happy in school, learned a lot and confident. Academics also good. From parents perspective I feel School authorities are good listener, conducive environment and regular feedback to parents. I feel during Covid times also, School has performed well in taking care of online education and support to our children. I feel this school is not in a rat race unlike some other schools for just making students to study day and night in academics and instead focus on overall development.

I have mixed feelings while leaving this school because of moving back to Australia but for any chance back in India, I will definitely want my children in this school.

Wishing you all best of luck and many thanks from my family.

Father of Krish and Somya Garg

Sudhir Mishra

As I have moved my residence out from Faridabad from 1st April 2022, hence we were forced to shift school of Ratan also from Faridabad to my new residence city.

Ratan joined The Modern School Faridabad and he learned a lots even after being at home for 2 years out of 3 years his journey with The Modern School. I appreciate the excellent environment of school, very supportive administration staff and great team of teachers who always given best to students. I would like to thank you and all school staff, honorable Principle madam and teachers of Ratan.

Father of Ratan

Sunita Chaudhary & Sandeep Kumar

Dear Madam,
I am writing this email to you to give you my honest feedback to you about my son Shauryaveer Singh’s

association with this esteemed organisation for about 4 years.
Shauryaveer Singh joined The Modern School in 2018 in Prep. He had left a very good play school to join the The Modern School and along with us, the parents, he was also very anxious about fitting into new school with new friends. But, with in 2-3 days, we were confident that we have chosen the right place for him.

Shaurya made many good friend here in next few years, had many favourite teachers and learned many good things. He thoroughly enjoyed his time at TMS. Shaurya excelled in every field while studying in TMS, wether it is studies or sports or extra curricular activities.

Even during the pandemic, the unprecedented adversity faced by these generations of humankind, school was able to quickly adapt to the new ways of learning, making sure that no time is lost and studies continues as effectively as possible.

It is only because of grooming and learning provided by TMS, that Shauryaveer was able to clear entrance exam of the Bishop Cotton School Shimla and moreover, all the grooming and learning acquired at TMS has helped him in to get quickly & successfully adapt to the challenges of a boarding school environment and lead a successful student life at the BCS.

We will recommend The Modern School to all parents who are looking for a wholistic learning environment for their children.

Parents of Shauryaveer Singh P3A

Dimple Sachdeva

"I would like to appreciate your praiseworthy efforts in teaching kids. You really have a caring and loving attitude towards kids.

It is your supreme art to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge of maths. Thanks a lot for guiding and inspiring kids."

Mother of Divyansh Sachdeva

Class III

Priyanka Seth

I am very thankful to you for changing the timetable. The method of teaching of all the teachers is very impressive. Shweta mam, Priyanka mam, Vidhi mam, Neeraj mam, Mini mam all have convinced me very much. The method of online teaching we have observed is very nice. All the teachers are very hardworking.

Each and every teacher talk on the phone very softly. Since Nursery our kids are studying in this school. I have no complaint of the teachers. I am really thankful to all the teachers. Thanks & Regards

Goma Dabas

Respected Madam
This is to appreciate you and your team for all the efforts you are taking in these times. I feel really obliged for the way you have revised and then re-revised the timetables to suit the maximum. However, there may be some who still wouldn't be happy with the timetable.

In that case, kindly keep in mind that the majority are happy and hence not complaining about anything. Those in minority may complain. Kindly don't make any changes to the time table now. It is a perfect timetable and passes all the tests of reasonableness. Thank you.

Shipra Sehgal

Good evening Shipra mam. I am Divyanshs mother this side. Today's Computer class was wow. Thanks for the wonderful session. He really enjoyed .Thanku so much. Take care.

Divyansh Mother

Bhawna Chitkara

Today the day was going in mixed emotions as early morning we got the news of the sudden demise of our beloved shri Rishi kapoor sir and yesterday Irfan khan sir and worried about the crises

we all r facing so the day was a rough day i could say that But when suddenly u got a warm..pampering lovable phone call full of love care and to know about the well being of us and Bhavay Chitkara by his one of the favourite Anita mam it made our day ending in a beautiful smiling way she has not call as a duty to call or some work but she shows me that our extended family. THE MODERN SCHOOL really cares for each and every member of its....I really appreciate it with a big Thank You

Mother of Bhavay Chitkara


Nandita Chawla

Respected ma'am,
This is in reference to the online classes of P4 B conducted today by the Hindi teacher Ms. Neelam. Ma'am quite innovatively used animation and ppt's to explain the hindi chapter as well as hindi grammar to the students.

Consequently, the session became more interesting. We highly appreciate the efforts by Ma'am and school to ensure that children enjoy learning the concepts.

Yashmit Chawla

P4 B

Dimple Sachdeva

Thank u The modern school at this quarantine period when kids are at home and have no other options in terms of study material or class.Your initiative of starting zoom class and videos are highly appreciable.

I especially want to thanks Sapna Tuteja mam, priya Mam and shipra mam doing fabulous job in providing wonderful sessions to all kids. Thanks a lot to you and teachers for your help and support.

Akansha Jhawar

I and my other family members are totally delighted with the way all you teachers are working round the clock to make the best of these difficult times. We are delighted that our mails play a vital role in your school's functioning. Just learnt that through the new timetable you planned.

Although I like the older pattern which we used up to yesterday but whatever suits all its fine.I am Akansha Jhawar mother of Advika Jhawar of P4 B. Would like to say that the EVS teacher - Ms Neerja Bajaj is an excellent teacher. She has made an amazing ppt which we received from her. This ppt format does help the kid in quick and better understanding of concepts. I wish this could be followed by other teachers as well. The class teacher -Daisy mam is always there to guide us. The way she is teaching is out of the box. The chapter she covered just requires brushing up with spellings at our end, no word is left without explanation. Even grammar was done quiet efficiently, the kids picked up the concept very quickly. Thanking you, for working so hard for my child and to make her realize that time wait for none, we have to do things however difficult the situation is.

Radhika Khanna

I'm Radhika Khanna mother of Suditi Khanna of class P2A and Jivisha Khanna of class Nur A. I am writing to you for appreciating the efforts of all the teachers and especially the class teachers for all the hard work they are putting in for these virtual classes.

This is a tuff phase for all of us. Hoping and praying for things to get normal.My sincere regards to the whole Modern family. Stay safe.

Mother of Suditi Khanna


Dipa Kaur

Amid lockdown the initiatives and education trends has given our pedagogy a great jolt. Some negatives and some positives. We all are stunned,stuck and perplexed by the current situation of how schools are dealing , which is quite natural. Zoom classes are a great way of joining students with the curriculum.

What matters now is the teaching skills, styles on online platform. It is nice to have teachers like miss Neelam Dawar who is this taking Hindi in a convenient manner including ppts, short movies, etc. It becomes better for both parents and students to connect and study in this time of crisis when books are not available. Thanks again to Hindi teacher for the same and good luck to the whole modern family.


Thank you so much for the online class & weekly assignments for Hindi literature. My son Kaustub class Vth is enjoying a lot in doing assignments. Its highly appreciated for hindi when which is a tough subject in this time so I would like to give a big thanks for Neelam Dawar ma’am of way of teaching with interacting each student.

Research Scholar

Class Vth

Dr. Shilpy gupta

I am a happy parent who would say that teachers are putting their best efforts to keep the show going. They are there every hour when we all know that their is an external source of help and we have to manage the show alone.

I would say providing learning keeping small students involved is a big task and when you know that students are new to school and they haven't seen their teachers once. Still the students can feel the connection and wait for the class. I know sum teachers are helpless in giving their best in subjects due to unavoidable circumstances but still they are doing to the best of their abilities. I wish them all the best.. and would like to appreciate Tanya mams efforts to keep every child and their parents calm and Happy. Keep doing and growing

Mother of Adya gupta

Class P1 C

Neha Dalpatia

We are the parents of Aaira Dalpatia from Class S2 – B; and would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and thank you and our dear teachers for making these unusual times a great learning experience for the Modern School children.

We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the teachers for their relentless efforts, understanding, support, guidance and contribution towards ensuring our children’s academic and co-scholastic needs are fulfilled. Their dedication and patience is commendable and we are sure that it will have a positive impact on the young minds.
We are sincerely thankful to the school’s management for giving our daughter a supportive platform and assuring continued learning through various teaching methods and resources which are both interactive and participative.Thanks for being wonderful, loving, positive and a ray of light and hope for Us and our Children!

Parents of Aaira Dalpatia

Class S2 B

Deepti Gupta

With reference to your hindi videos sent to our child "Surmayi Gupta" during lockdown and excellent guidance, we really appreciate your kind support and prompt response.

Mother of Surmayi Gupta

Bhavneet Kaur

I would like to share my feedback with you regarding the Hindi video shared with us on bhasha and lipi made by Priya Ma'am. The video was very helpful and the concept was explained very nicely with examples. Looking forward for more such videos.

Mother of Reeya Kapoor


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