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About Us

The Modern School, ECNCR was established in the year 2014 in the Rajiv Gandhi Education City, NCR Delhi. It is managed by The Modern School Society, Barakhamba Road, Delhi. With about a century's experience, the school has worked to inspire youngsters to devote themselves to their betterment and create value in even the most difficult situations, which will ensure society's unrestricted and amazing growth.

The Modern School, Kundli seeks to create a community of self-assured, international leaders with a sense of social responsibility and pride in their country who are dedicated to excellence and lifelong learning.We at Modern School Kundli are firm believers in the necessity to create a strong foundation for future growth and feel that education is more than just a means of transferring knowledge for a future career.

Additionally, it is a lifetime process that promotes an understanding of moral and ethical standards. We encourage kids to engage in more productive work as they advance through the stages of schooling, enabling them to make money while they learn.We stand out from other schools because of our constant desire to improve things for our young students.

Our Facilities

School Campus

The school campus is spread across 11.25 acres of area with state of the art infrastructure as the main building, sports fields, amphitheater etc for both outdoor and indoor activities.


To merge education and sports to support professional athletes and inspire young sports enthusiasts,The Modern School ECNCR offers an ideal environment for future champions to practise both indoor and outdoor games.

School Canteen

The school canteen is well supervised in terms of hygiene and inventory to facilitate the students with tasty snacks and beverages occasionally.

Counselling Services

Students can get both individual and group counselling at the expert counselling centre offered by The Modern School ECNCR. The service allows students to discuss issues such as puberty, peer team dynamics, and academic, social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties.

School Reception

The school reception is a great place to be for events like meetings, inquiries, and visiting parents.

Co-Ed Boarding Facility

The campus is equipped with a state of the art building with automated facilities to provide a premium boarding experience.

Science Laboratories

There are separate sections for physics, chemistry, and biology. Modern School Kundli has added science labs for top-notch learning with these considerations in mind.

Computer Lab

We are aware of the need to be tech-savvy because today's students will be tomorrow's experts. To ensure practical learning, we created computer labs with the proper training.

Maths Laboratory

The Math Lab at Modern School ECNCR offers a variety of concept-specific learning charts, activities, puzzles, patterns, and other resources for 360-degree learning.

Dance Room

The Modern school provides dedicated dance rooms equipped with mirrored infrastructure and acoustics that inspires and motivates students to come out of their shell and express themselves through movement, emotion and music.

Music Room

Music enables students to express themselves creatively and build confidence. A dedicated music room for both vocal and instrumental genres, offers great opportunities for imagination, discipline, perseverance and coordinated teamwork while learning/playing any instrument or singing in choir etc.


The school operates a streamlined network of well-maintained buses that are fitted with the required safety precautions for secure travel. Transportation Schedule

Medical Facility

The Modern School ECNCR Medical Room has all the amenities & facilities needed to take care of the students in the event of a medical emergency.

Art Room

The Art Room is a great environment with a designated workspace for children to explore their creative sides. It is intended to stimulate young children's minds and encourage them to work with different materials and inspire them to express themselves creatively.

The SMART Classroom

An optimum learning atmosphere is provided by well-ventilated, naturally lit classrooms.

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