1Why has Modern School chosen the Rajiv Gandhi Education City as a location for its school for North Delhi?
Modern School is committed to opening schools with a minimum area of 10 acres. This would be difficult to accomplish in New Delhi given the cost and paucity of land allocated to schools. Kundli, Sonepat is a fast developing suburb of Delhi with easy connectivity and a growing population of residents moving here. Moreover, the Rajiv Gandhi Education City is being set up as a dedicated educational hub which will be the largest of its kind in the country.
2How will Modern School ensure the same standards as those in its other Schools?
Modern School is NOT franchising its brand and vision. The management of all new schools remains with The Modern School Society and the Management Committees set up by them.
3What is the proposed number of students in each class?
Maximum number of students per section in pre-primary classes : 25 Maximum number of students per section in other classes : 36
4Will the school provide any transport arrangements?
YES, Transport arrangements will be provided at the Deepali School and Kundli School.
5Is the school air-conditioned?
Parts of the School will be air-conditioned according to facilities and usage of space. The class rooms are not air-conditioned, however the school building is constructed in an environmentally sound and well ventilated manner to create comfortable and good learning environments.
6Will the school have reserved seats under the RTE act?
As per prevailing law.