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The Modern School ECNCR is the ONLY branch, after Modern School, Barakhamba Road to provide boarding facility. There is a separate facility available for boys and girls.

Boarding/Hostel is available for classes VI- XII.

Presently, weekly boarding facility (the students can go back home for the weekend) or full boarding facility (the students visit home during holidays) is provided.

The boarding school started in the year 2020

You may visit the following link to see the daily schedule in detail:

The boarding mess facility caters to the taste buds of both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

During the day five meals are provided to the students including breakfast, snacks during school recess time, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

The Modern School Boarding house has a well experienced and trained staff, to ensure that each and every child is comfortable in the boarding/hostel. The boarding/hostel organises an ‘Induction Program’ for the newly inducted students to make them familiar with the hostel and to introduce them to all the inmates. This helps to foster a friendly environment for the children in the campus. Students are introduced to the daily routine and activities in the induction program, so that they get easily adjusted to the new routine. Ice breaker games and activities make sure that the new child becomes friendly with the other children.

It is advised that the parents should not send any eatables or tuck with the child as the hostel provides nutritious meals to the students everyday (as advised by the dietician). The residential students are provided with options in the menu too.

Students are not allowed to keep cash and valuables with them. However, parent can deposit money for use in the imprest account.

Parents may visit their ward on specified ‘Parent Visit’ days, i.e. any ONE Sunday of the month, between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Prior information of the same has to be mailed to [email protected] Students are allowed to make and receive calls between 08:30 PM to 09:30 PM on their respective hostel warden’s number.

Students go back home on all compulsory holidays including Summer Holidays, Diwali Holidays and Winter Holidays. Full boarding students are picked up by the parent/authorized guardian from the campus on the day prior to the commencement of the holidays between 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

The students are taken for recreational activities and outings regularly along with their hostel wardens.

As a general rule of thumb, only parents/authorized local guardian can take their ward for outings with family/functions. However, in the unlikely event of an emergency, parents are requested to ensure that an authorization letter/ email is sent in advance for the same.

Students attend morning and evening prep classes in the residential wing besides their regular classes, which are supervised and conducted by our residential faculty members. The facilitators monitor and ensure their academic progress, besides mentoring and guiding them.

Residential students are not allowed to carry phones with them but are allowed to make and receive phone calls during specified hours between 08:30 PM to 09:30 PM on their respective hostel warden’s number.

Students have access to the internet according to a specified cyber-schedule, and are also given access to digital and virtual resources for academic purposes through media center and cyber labs.

We understand that birthdays are special occasions for children. While we do not accommodate leave requests, we do encourage parents to visit their ward between 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM on the day. Parent can also send a small cake and toffees for the ward’s classmates/roommates a day before their birthday or the same can be purchased by the hostel on the parent’s behalf, the charges for the same will be deducted from the imprest account.

Yes, only the ‘Security Deposit’ amount of the Hostel fee is refunded in case the student discontinues the Hostel /Boarding

The boarding/hostel ensures that the student is given extra supplies if and when needed, for which the expenses are debited to the imprest account.

The hostel has a 4-bed infirmary, which is under the supervision of a visiting doctor and resident nurse.

In case of emergency, the child is rushed to the nearest hospital of the city. Transport facility is available at the hostel for immediate transportation to deal with any medical emergency.

Dorm parents, who also teach at the Academy, reside in the apartments in both boys’ dormitory, and girls’ dormitory. Every night a dorm adviser is “on duty,” meaning they are an active and visible presence throughout the dorm, both for supervision, extra academic help, mentoring, and advice. In addition to the dorm parents, the campus is home to teachers and Academy personnel who represent almost every academic department. These teachers live in homes nearby School campus, eat dinner with students, and provide additional supervision and academic assistance in the late afternoon and evening. Staff members of the school with many years of experience working with young people in a variety of educational settings are also there to provide academic support to the students.
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