ECNCR, Kundli

Fee Structure for the Academic Year 2021-22

Particulars Nur – 8th 9th – 12th
Admission Fees One time – Non refundable (Payable at the time of admission) 50000 50000
Refundable Security (One time payable at the time of admission) 10000 10000
Amalgamated Funds (Payable Annually) 15000 20000
TUITION FEE (Monthly Tuition Fee) 12500 13500
CONCESSION FOR SIBLING: (Applicable on ONE sibling who is admitted later in the school
A. Admission Fees
One time - 50% Concession
25000 25000
B. Tuition Fee (Concession equivalent to amount of amalgamated funds will be adjusted in the monthly tuition fee of the child admitted later and applicable for the years till both siblings are in the school) 1250 per month 1670 per month

Boarding Fees (Classes IV-XII) for the Academic Session 2021-22

Rooms 8 Beds (6th to 8th) 4 Beds (9th & 10th) 2 Beds (11th & 12th)
Annual Charges 360000 390000 420000
Refundable Security (One time) 50000 50000 50000

Transport Fee (Per Month)

Area Kundli & Sonepat Narela Delhi / Panipat
Amount Per Month (Not Charged for 20-21 due to COVID-19) 0 0 0